We are happy in offering our services in lodging you in Cusco. We are located in the beginning of the second forest of Cusco. Our lodge provides a comfortable accommodation with the basic services. For more information see below:

The Inkas established their capital in these mountains and we are pleased to share with you the Andean experience and the wisdom of our ancestors. Visitors come to Peru to see Machu Pijchu, but this country is much more, and they are shocked by the diversity of landscapes where the Inkas created communities and towns. Cusco remains the capital of American history and will be the base camp to explore all other sites, as to travel to other regions such as Lake Titikaka, Arequipa or even the jungle.

We are pleased to offer you a comfortable place for your stay with everything you need to make you feel at home. We are located near the second forest in Cusco. It is a beautiful area in the city of Cusco, but it seems more like being in another place in the mountains. This side of Cusco is home to birds and can be easily heard early, if you are awake; we are a minute walk from Pikol mountain and if you love nature and adventure, this is ideal for hiking and seeing the incredible valleys in the area.

Our Oneness Center, is also a tour operator and will provide any type of service related to the organization of your visits in Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Pijchu, the sacred lake Titikaka and others. And if your interest and time allow, we can also offer opportunities to share the teachings on shamanism, sacred plants, vegan education, ancient history and others.

Because we are not in the center of the city of Cusco, a center that is polluted and noisy, we promise to organize your pick-up at your arrival at any time of the day, of course the correct information you can provide will help us be there when you arrive and be transferred to our lodging.

Our services include your IN / OUT pickup, vegan meals such as breakfast and dinner daily. When making your reservation, inform about your plans to see the best way to organize your meals. When you are in the center of Cusco after your daily visits, you can still use our vegan restaurant for your dinner. We have internet and via Wi-Fi you will ensure that you are still connected with your loved ones.