Today, in a sacred vortex, on top of a mountain in Peru, on a beautiful stone altar made hundreds of years ago by the Incan people, I was guided by my Shaman Master into a meditative ceremony to teach me how to die. To be a Shaman, or Master, you must be able to embrace your own physical and spiritual mortality, for without having intimacy with your own death and darkness, you can not be free from fear, and you can never be a genuine light for others. Mallku, the Shaman, called on the spirit of Pachamama, or Mother Nature, and through his chanting and my meditation, I allowed them access to my soul. Surrounded by their love and embrace, and aided by the wind, the elements, and the power of the magical sacred place, I melted into death. As I was dying, my entire life passed through my mind in a type of fast forward movie replay. Everything significant that I have ever done or that had been done to me, good or bad, flashed through my mind like a star burst of images. Some memories were extremely painful and came from vaults that I had locked them away in and forgotten about, others were beautiful and full of love and sweetness. All of them were released into the universe as fast as they passed through my minds eye, wrapped in love and most of all forgiveness. My guided walk into death today was all about forgiveness. I forgave myself, and I forgave others for anything and everything, and when I did, I died peacefully, and when I died, I was set free. Imagine what freedom feels like after carrying a life of burdens, and you will know what death feels like. There is nothing to fear in death, but the best part of being alive is living and having the opportunity to love. Today’s journey taught me that we don’t have to wait for our physical death to experience freedom, and that only in a spiritual state of freedom can we truly experience life and love. So if you want to be free, truly free, then just forgive and let go. Its as simple as that. There is no past, there is only now, and we are all truly of this earth and like all things natural, we are inherently pure. We deserve nothing less than freedom, and in freedom, love. The universe is waiting for you, come join me. Have a great day!

Farmer Dave 

Mallku, being guided by you through the historical, spiritual, and cosmological power sites of the Incas has deeply touched my soul.  I will never be the same and am so grateful for your authentic and powerful shamanic mastery working with Pachamama and Wiraqocha.  Through this experience, I pray that I can be a light for my community sharing love and the wisdom of what really matters in life.  We should nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize for all of the preservation and reinterpretation work of who the Incas were and their historical importance and relevance to the hopeful healing of our planet and humankind.  Till we meet again!   Much love and gratitude.

Mallku So good to met you! You are a lasting and sorely missed amazing man. I feel so honored and blessed to have had 2 weeks of immersion with you. There’s no other way to experience Peru and all it has to offer than with you. You taught me so much and are such a loving, beautiful example of a man…, and a man that truly appreciates women. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and the eternity of my soul! If you and/or your family ever need anything and/or are ever in California I’m here for you all in whatever capacity I can be.   Mallku and each of you Those 2 weeks were more profound then I realized at the time.., and I thought I got it in the moment. ‍ None of my relationships feel as strong or connected as I do to you all and leaves me befuddled and sad in a certain way. There’s definitely a new norm to adjust too. I can’t wait for the calls but more so to see you all in person again and be together as one! In the words of Abraham-Hicks..” there is much love here for you”! There’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for each of you! Thank you all for being exactly who you are.

Mallku has been studying for many years the power places of the Andes. The Andean architects, were not only the builders of incredible structures, but also the masters of the power lines (ley-lines as known in western geomancy) existing in the world. He has made and uncovered significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces. His lectures and ceremonies demonstrate the importance of astronomical phenomena in the design and placement of these ancient temples. The Ancients understood and worked with these geo-magnetic forces, so that their temples and palaces would became power places to grow in spiritual essences and experiment with the high energies of Pachamama and Wiraqocha. Cusco city is an example of this conscious style of architecture, where the suns pattern is extensively mapped to the equinoxes and solstices, the design of the city reflects this in every aspect. In the last 20 years of studies, Mallku has discovered some of the most important astronomical phenomena that are still visible at many of these ‘power places’. He describes these ancient Andean buildings, the expression of an advanced “Feng Shui” technology, and the Andean architects, as masters of the spiritual path. I had an experience of a lifetime! I had always dreamed of going to the Andes and when the opportunity came into my awareness, it was the right time! The ceremonies and education I experienced with Mallku’s guidance were quite exceptional. The choice of sites was varied and rare. I dare say… perfect. I am sure that we got a view of Peru that few will ever have. I truly felt at home in Peru, I found the land alive with spirit and i was able to ground myself in a way that I have never before or since. My connection to the spirit of the land will last a lifetime. I fell in love with Peru. I would go back in a heartbeat! Sincerely,

I still cannot believe that I am not on my way, towards some wonderful places in Peru… My heart still sings. There are no words to thank you. But you know that. I am sure that many people said to you the same: no words… Already manifested changes in may way of thinking, I try to adapt…but no waaaay! The adaptation, as a “coming-back-to-how-I-was” is impossible! I have a huuuge energy, growing and growing, and the meditation with “Pachamama” makes this feeling even stronger…
I am ready to start new activities, I started to write and I am sharing with many people, on forums, this great feeling of being loved… of being nourished my Mama… By Pachamama… Being in this infinite ocean of love… I was blessed to be with you and I hope to have this chance again.
There are some pictures I got with the Kondor. It was absolutely magnificent! And I am sure you remember what Luiza said, that she could not feel… Here is the picture with the coca leafs in their hands… I send it to her, as a “proof” of what it was there, a beautiful light…
May all your ways be cleared and shining of light. You both are in a beautiful space of love, in my heart, where you are WELCOME!  (I will keep your words, dear Mallku, as they are in my heart forever)
With love,

Dear Mallku,
Andy and I wanted to thank you once again for the magical tour through the Andean power places and incredible archaeoastromony you have discovered. It was a wonderful trip and very enlightening for all of us. The intention that I set for our trip was exactly what I received. Validation and confirmation of my continuing expansion of consciousness. I thank you for your patience and also your guidance in helping us all to see with clarity what it is that we came to learn, know, and integrate within ourselves. I am very proud of my husband and father for participating with an open heart on our journey. I know they will be forever changed. I had many favorite moments, but perhaps my most dear memory will be of the four us having an enlightening and honest discussion over food and wine. I appreciate your honesty and also very grounded perspective on so many things. I wish you all the best with your restaurant, business, and new spiritual center. We wish we could have met your beautiful wife but perhaps another time. If you ever need anything, please keep in touch. We’ll be moving to the USA in October of this year and will be near the San Francisco Bay area in California. Tupananchiscama,

Hi Precious Alanna, 
It was wonderful spending some time with you on the 2012 Cruise. I enjoyed your presentations and I would like to invite you to be presenter at the 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination. You mentioned that you would be interested if it worked into your schedule. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you will be able to add your Light to this unique facet of the Divine Plan.
Keep shining your magnificent Light!
God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

Ola querida e amada Alanna! Adorei ter te conhecido, igualmente as outras peregrinas. Amei a vivência, encantadora. Tava difícil de nos separar, hein?! Que delícia! Esqueci de tirar uma foto do doce momento, fica o registro mental, apenas! To quase no final da leitura do livro do Mallku, é simplesmente maravilhoso. O DVD ainda não consegui acessar, mas será em breve. Sabes que os meus 10 dias de férias no Peru, nesse lugar mágico, me parece que rendeu 100 dias de férias. Foi ótimo conhecer alguns lugares e pessoas tão encantadoras aí nesse amado país. Sim, fiz uma excelente viagem de volta a minha casinha! Foi td perfeito! Uau, o video é realmente mágico. Como tu consegue??? É perfeito! Um beijo cheio de amor, paz, luz e gratidão.
Jussara Roier

I am the Pilgrim – Kasia from Warsaw, a member of Polish group from the Foundation from September – October expedition. I am grateful for the wonderful experience that I had during my great adventure, walking on holy ground of Peru and Bolivia; for the shamanic journey, for marvelous places of power, for mystical initiations……. I would also like to thank you for beautiful dancing and singing, and the interesting new stories about tantra male and female energy…… Obviously, this journey has left me not entirely satisfied since our group has not experienced walking on fire, although Autori’s group did that a few years ago. I really want to walk over the fire……… Anyway, I’ll see you this weekend in Sedona – could you please; if it’s possible, take 1 the gold metal medallion INKA, which is in your Centre in a hall’s glass case and 1 medallion – Flower of Life – I would like the background to be light-pink pearly color.
 Best regards,


Dear Alanna, 
A power object,  I gave it to Leilani, the Hawaiian elder who teaches sacred hula. Also gave her a made the alignments for your ceremony tomorrow and is on the cruise as well. with the Mauri elders to perform sacred Oh, remember the small silver medallion you gave me in rituals there. We are connecting with you from our points on the planet. I see the atmosphere already changing colors, changing frequencies.  We are all preparing.  Glad to know you are there to receive full blast. I have asked Leilani for instructions as to what I can do here (pretty much I just ask God to direct my inner spiritual job).  Perhaps you have some instructions as well? Need to hold the country together with peace and calm as much as possible right now.  BIG job.
With humble love and joy. Munay, munay, munay
. Your sister.


Je te remercie pour le voyage au Pérou que nous avons fait en juillet l’année dernière. Depuis j’ai crée les “marches de vies” et nous ouvrons un second centre de thérapies en Cévennes. je travaille essentiellement les chemins initiatiques “apprivoises la mort” et “la route du pardon”; “les marches de vies ” sont un travail en forêt prou traverser l’épreuve du deuil ou libérer les cendres du défunt dans la nature . je suis venue au Pérou avec des questions je suis partie avec les réponses. gardienne de la grotte, c’est ma place je fait traverser l’enfer . Merci a toi Alanna de m’avoir tant aidé a trouver ma voix.Si vous cherchez des lieux énergétiques merveilleux pour vos groupes , je peux vous proposer mes centres : le coeur du hérisson en Normandie , Les vieilles pierres en Cévennes.


Hello Alanna hope things are well with you, sending you many blessings, sealed with much love. Just a quick thank you again for all you have change in my heart and my mind i will never forget how you, made me feel so at peace. I look forward to the day I travel to Peru and see you again; never in my life have I ever felt such warm hugs, thank you so much!!!! Love


Dear Alanna,
Not too long ago, I finished your amazing book which I absorbed into my whole being. Beautiful! and thank you so very much. Your journey here really shifted the energy in the temple which has been a blessing for everyone.  We got great feedback on your workshop and wonderful energy. What do you think about timing for a journey to Peru in the Summer of 2012?  Is your calendar set yet?  We got some interest from the workshop, and I have a few others as well.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
 Much love,

Querida Alanna,
 Espero de corazón que se encuentren disfrutando de una vida plena de paz y armonía. Estuve en silencio por un tiempo pero no quiero dejar pasar más días sin expresarles mi agradecimiento por la sincera amistad que me brindan. Mi experiencia en Perú fue muy especial gracias también a la compañía de los dos.  Aún estoy procesando todas las vivencias adquiridas en tan poderosos lugares de nuestro Perú, llenos de tradición y sabiduría. Les cuento que por acá se vive mucha tención en cuanto a la situación económica que afecta a todos.  Para Michael y yo, este es un momento de “transición” fundamental en el proceso de descubrimiento propio y de elegir a cada instante la manera en que queremos construir nuestras vidas juntas.  A pesar de la confusión e incertidumbre, yo me encuentro en una paz interior muy interesante, pues veo en cada experiencia una nueva oportunidad de crecimiento.  Les mando unas fotos con mucho cariño y espero oír de ustedes.
In the spirit of Pachamama,


This short mail to thank you once again for masterfully organising our recent journey in Peru as well as for all you have explicitly shown and taught us… and of course also for explaining it but that could nevertheless be felt or recognised here and there.  I wish we could have spent more time to more deeply address a number of such things, or others, but this is perhaps only delayed to some later opportunity, subject to the wise intents of Life’s harmony. Could you also please transmit this e-mail (this is the reason why I write it in English) or at least transmit all my thanks and best memories to all those who contributed to this journey and accompanied us throughout these two weeks and hopefully far beyond it. Please do not hesitate either to let me know if you make the pictures you took visible on any website or at any specific address, or when your books are translated into French since I know persons that would for sure prove interested.
Greetings from the Heart


Mallku, Just finished your book, very nice. You are incredibly knowledgeable. I look forward to speaking with you about the Inca culture. I lived in Mexico City as a child for a few years and learned much of the Aztec and Mayan cultures, so I look forward to learning more of yours. I’ve also lived in Japan and Australia. I love learning about cultures and traditions. I had no idea about masculine and feminine for the Himalayan and Andean mountain ranges, you have put many new thoughts in my head with your book. My ex and I owned an adventure tour company, which he still now runs, I do miss the travel industry and the education and amazing opportunities that come from connecting with people all over the world. I also miss being a tour guide, which I did here in the USA for camping tours. That said, you’ve done an amazing job with your writings, your company, and your mission.
I would love to see Condors, how rare are they? Have an amazing story from a local native american here who was up in a crane and out of the blue, 4 condors came and sat with him. I can only imagine what 4 condors and 1 man in a small box would be like, especially here where they are so incredibly rare. Very special message for that man. Next weekend I do get to take an eagle and some llamas to an event to honor the whale migration. My own connection to source/ nature is through animals, if you cant tell. :)) I know you are busy, just wanted to say I enjoyed your book.
Shanti, K 

Hi Mallku, I was just around Iquitos in January to pursue a journey i had started in the Andes last year. I came across “the awakening of the Puma” while there (this year). The information in the book seemed to melt into the tone of my journey. Its as if it was part of it. Anyhow, thank you for sharing all this beautiful knowledge. welcome to Canada

Chere Alanna,
 Je ne t’ai pas dit au revoir à Puno, là où tu nous as quittés, car j’ai dû sortir du restaurant, submergée par une émotion d’une infinie tristesse, et je suis allée verser toutes les larmes de mon corps dans le lac Titicaca, sans doute le souvenir d’une vieille mémoire liée à la perte d’un être cher. D’autres émotions m’attendaient un peu plus loin… Une partie de mon coeur et de mon âme sont restés au Pérou, entre Juliaca et Lima, sur le chemin du retour… souvenir d’une rencontre inachevée… Alors comme pour raviver cette énergie, je renvois vers le Pérou un peu de l’énergie de ce voyage via ces quelques photos souvenirs. C’est également une façon de te remercier pour ta présence, le partage de ton savoir, ta sagesse et ta générosité qui ont contribué à rendre ce voyage mémorable. Je te souhaite à toi Alanna, Mallku et Alia-Nina une merveilleuse année 2014 et je vous envoie un arc-en-ciel de Joie, Paix, Amour, Abondance, Succès, Santé et Partage.


Meus caros,
Escrevo para agradecer a atenção dispensada por todos em nossa viagem. Minha amiga Beatriz, minha filha Juliana e eu ficamos encantadas com as belezas desse país  e com as gentilezas desse povo tão hospitaleiro. Por favor transmita nossa gratidão e nosso carinho ao mestre Mallku e a sua esposa Alanna que tão bem nos receberam. Eles são realmente seres especiais e de muita luz. Mallku havia nos dito que virá ao Brasil em Janeiro ou fevereiro. Fiquei de ver a possibilidade de fazer algum trabalho, work shop ou palestra no Rio de Janeiro. Atenciosamente.